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Central Park, The Plaza Hotel and The Apple Store? Yes, the first two are go-to spots, but apparently, so is the latter. The Apple Store in NYC located on Fifth Avenue in Midtown, Manhattan attracts many tourists and locals alike. The store is iconic and makes it one of the best places to go shopping in New York City. In this article, we’ll explain why.

First off, there are about 11 Apple Stores in NYC, but nothing beats the location on 5th Avenue.

The Apple Store Glass Cube

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When you’re walking down 5th Avenue there are so many stores where you can shop at. However, as you walk further up the street, you’ll notice a square glass cube across The Plaza Hotel. That is the Apple Store. It brings in a lot of natural light which gives the store a very clean and natural look. There’s also a huge Apple logo on the cube, so you can’t miss it. A new feature to the Apple 5th Ave store is the 62 skylights surrounding the cube. This too beams light down into the store. It’s also a great seating area for people that just want to relax in the plaza.

How long has Apple Fifth Avenue been under renovation?

In January of 2017, Apple Fifth avenue went under renovation and finally opened back up to the public in September 2019. It’s a lot bigger and brighter. What they did keep however was the iconic glass cube. There are spiral stairs and an elevator that leads you down to the sales floor. Just to give you an idea of how big the renovation was, the original store was about 32,000 square feet. It is now at 77,000 square feet.

What’s New in the Apple Store on 5th Ave?

Since the renovation, the Apple Store on 5th Ave. has more than doubled in size. The spiral staircase is also filled with greenery. Combine that with the natural light beaming down from the iconic glass cube and the skylights, the store really projects this natural, clean and cozy ambiance. Because the world is so dependant on technology these days, it’s nice to have natural elements in the space. There’s also additional seating inside this beautiful Apple store in Manhattan where you can relax and charge your phone.

On one of the walls, there’s this board with music notes made from Apple Airpods. The music notes represent the music from a campaign back in the day. It’s a pretty cool feature that connects the past to the present.

What is the 5th Avenue Apple Store Hours?

The Apple Store is open to the public and stays open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s pretty insane. So if you ever need to charge your phone, or if you feel like buying a new Apple product at like 3 AM, then at least you know you have a place to go to. For more stores in NYC, please visit this article.

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