The 20 Best American Restaurants in New York Right Now

Where are the best American restaurants in New York?

Are you looking for the best American restaurants in New York? Then you’ve come to the right place – as a big foodie, I love New York for its wide range of good restaurants. American cuisine is better and more diverse than many realize – from California to New Mexico, Texas, Florida to New England: all have their preferences for regional ingredients that have made it into restaurants in New York. So American Cuisine goes far beyond steak restaurants and burgers!

And to help you quickly see which restaurant is near you, you can find all of New York’s American Restaurants on the map.

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My Favorite American Restaurants in New York

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    Brooklyn Diner

    American Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Even if the name doesn’t suggest it, the diner is really close to Times Square! The Brooklyn Diner is a diner like it is in a book: both from the outside and the inside. Try the pastrami or the French toast.

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    Bubby's Tribeca

    American Restaurant in Tribeca
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    When it comes to the best brunch in Tribeca NYC, Bubby’s is a neighborhood diner that offers a unique experience. From 8 am to 4 pm daily, indulge in their mouthwatering, cooked-from-scratch dishes. Don’t miss their must-try Crab Cake Benedict: perfectly cooked crab cakes topped with rich béarnaise sauce, served with sautéed spinach and your choice of home fries or salad. 

    Feeling adventurous? Though it’s not one of your run-of-the-mill breakfast sandwiches, try the Crab Cake Sandwich for a delightful twist on brunch. Bubby’s restaurant has been delighting locals for over 30 years with their exceptional food. So, make sure to visit Bubby’s in Tribeca and experience their delicious brunch for yourself!

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    Double Chicken Please

    Bar in Lower East Side
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    Double Chicken Please
    Double Chicken Please by Emmanuel Rosario
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    The Double Chicken Please is a cocktail bar & restaurant in the Lower East Side and definitely worth a visit. The cocktails are incredibly tasty, creative and you’ll love the atmosphere too. Their specialty is cocktails that are inspired by dishes – so there are cocktails like Cold Pizza, Key Lime Pie or Japanese Cold Noodle.

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    Empire Diner

    American Restaurant in Chelsea
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    This American Diner in Chelsea is an icon of NYC – you can’t miss it, because a beautiful graffiti decorates the building. And it is only a few meters away from the High Line!

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    Fette Sau

    BBQ in Williamsburg
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    If you are looking for some of the best BBQ in NYC, look no further than Fette Sau in Williamsburg. With a wide array of different meats and cuts you can choose from, as well as delicious sides, this is definitely not a place to miss if you’re a meat-lover. The concept differs from many restaurants. You place an order at the counter and pay according to the weight of your plate. This gives Fette Sau a very relaxed vibe. What’s better than BBQ and a nice tall glass of beer?

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    Gayle's Broadway Rose

    American Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan
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    Gayle’s Broadway Rose features singing waiters and waitresses that will sing classic and modern Broadway hits to you while you indulge yourself in a delicious and fancy-looking milkshake.

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    Industry Kitchen

    American Restaurant in Financial District
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    The restaurant offers typical American cuisine with modern influences. Fresh ingredients form the basis for the dishes. Salads, pizza and freshly grilled meat combined with first-class wines make a visit to the Industry Kitchen highly recommended. Beer lovers and cocktail fans will get their money’s worth here, because the selection is great.

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    Lakeside Restaurant am Loeb Boathouse

    Café in Upper West Side
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    The Lakeside Restaurant of the Loeb Boathouse is located at the northeastern tip of Central Park Lake right on the waterfront and is one of the most idyllic restaurants in New York City.

    Unfortunately it will be closed from October 2022 on.

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    Little Prince

    French Restaurant in SoHo
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    Restaurant Little Prince in SoHo
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    For the first time we noticed the French restaurant in summer: the windows can be opened completely and because it is so small, you have a window seat & table all to yourself, so to speak. Super-romantic and that’s why it immediately landed on our list of the most romantic restaurants in NYC.

  10. 10


    French Restaurant in Financial District
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    Manhatta Best Rooftop Restaurants In NYC
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    The restaurant Manhatta is one of the best restaurants in town and is perfect if you are looking for a restaurant for a special occasion. Not only is the food here at the highest level – so are you! Located on the 60th floor, it offers you a magnificent view of the city!

  11. 11

    Milk and Roses

    American Restaurant in Greenpoint
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    Milk and Roses is quite inconspicuous from the outside, but from the inside it is a real unique specimen: it feels like a restaurant has been crossed with a rustic bookstore. Very stylish and above all very tasty!

  12. 12

    Osprey in Brooklyn

    American Restaurant in Dumbo
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    American cuisine in a great ambience with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River.

  13. 13

    Red Rooster

    American Restaurant in Harlem & Washington Heights
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    The Red Rooster is an absolute institution and an integral part of the Harlem community. Located near the famous Apollo Theatre, the restaurant named after the legendary Harlem Speakeasy was located at 138th Street and 7th Avenue. This pleasant, colourful atmosphere was to be revived with the Red Rooster – and it really succeeded in creating a great atmosphere. The place does not only offer soul food but also cooking classes and live music.

  14. 14

    The Brooklyn Barge

    Bar in Greenpoint
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    The Brooklyn Barge is a really great place – it is located on the East River in Greenpoint / Brooklyn and offers stunning views.

    Why do I like the Brooklyn Barge so much? Greenpoint is off the beaten path, and the menu is small but really delicious! The dishes have Mexican and American influences, are perfect for sharing, and you can enjoy them in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

    By subway, take the green line G to “Nassau Avenue Station” or even better: take the NYC Ferry to the “Greenpoint” stop!

  15. 15

    The Dutch Restaurant

    American Restaurant in SoHo
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    Unlike the name The Dutch suggests, there are no Dutch specialties, but American cuisine. Besides salads and pasta, there is a large selection of meat and fish dishes. On weekends, there is also plenty of time for brunches – and there is a lot on the menu.

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    The Mercer Kitchen

    American Restaurant in SoHo
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    The Mercer Kitchen is a restaurant located in SoHo and can be found right next to The Mercer Hotel. We recommend coming here for breakfast and lunch while you’re visiting SoHo.

  17. 17

    Trinity Place Bar and Restaurant

    American Restaurant in Financial District
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    Trinity Place Restaurant Vault
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    A very unique restaurant in New York’s Financial District is Trinity Place. Why? You eat in the vault of a converted bank! You can eat really good Irish-American food in a great ambience at Trinity Place.

  18. 18

    Westlight NYC

    Rooftop Bar in Williamsburg
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    Rooftop Bar Westlight at The William Vale Hotel
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    The Westlight in Brooklyn is considered one of the most beautiful rooftop bars in New York – and rightly so! It belongs to The William Vale Hotel and has a rooftop bar, a lounge area, a bar and a restaurant. What distinguishes the Westlight from many other spots is the unspoilt panoramic view of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

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