Airbnb in NYC

The best alternative to hotels & hostels

Airbnb is a great way to book a place in NYC, especially for longer trips. There are a huge amount of benefits to the platform, including cheaper prices and a huge variety of places to choose from. 

Many locals rent out their private apartments if they have an extra room or are on holiday themselves. All of us at Loving New York as well as many of our friends have used Airbnb, mainly due to the great prices and amazing discounts when booking for longer periods of time (e.g. 1 month). There are many different types of accommodation you can find, ranging from a shared room to a whole apartment meaning that there is also a variety of options for every budget. Check out our guide below to make sure you find some awesome places in NYC and get up to $100 off when you create an account via our link below.

Airbnb In NYC

How to find the perfect apartment with Airbnb

There are over 18,000 places in NYC that are registered on Airbnb. This means that you have a huge amount of places to choose from as well as a very good chance that there is always something available that is within your budget. Beware, however: the places that are located well and relatively cheap, go fast. If you find the perfect place for you, don’t wait to book it – I have many times lost out on the perfect apartment because I was too indecisive.

Especially in NYC, you will find that a lot of the Airbnb offers are not cheap. You can find huge luxury studios, or entire penthouse sweets for up to $1000 dollars a night. To find the best deals in NYC, I recommend you look a little outside of Manhattan. If you pick a place that is next to the Subway, you will still be well connected to the city and can be in Central Manhattan in a matter of minutes. Personally, I like to start looking for places in Queens or Brooklyn if I can not find something within my budget in Manhattan. My favorite areas to check for some great deals include Upper East Side, Woodside, Park Slope, Williamsburg, Astoria, and Long Island City.

I have stayed in Airbnbs in each of these locations and have found them to be very well connected to the city, meaning that it never took me longer than half an hour to get to where I wanted to go. If you are staying in NYC for a few nights only, or a longer time Airbnb is the perfect way to find a cheaper alternative to the many expensive hotels in Manhattan.

The great thing about Airbnb: The search function!

The best thing about Airbnb is that you can select exactly what you are looking for, leaving you with only the relevant apartments for you. You can select whether you only want to see apartments that include WIFI, washing machines, or parking for example. Due to all of these filters, it is incredibly easy to find what you are looking for.Airbnb Guide NYC

The Pros & Cons of Airbnb:

  • If you are traveling alone this is a great option to have some company
  • You don’t have to worry about the high costs of booking a hotel for extended periods of time
  • You are not just an anonymous guest and can sometimes even build a relationship with the hosts if they are up for it
  • Get personal tips and tricks from a local New Yorker instead of the hotel concierge
  • Have access to things like a kitchen or a washing machine to save even more money (depends on the apartment and the host)
  • No included meals or services (unless otherwise stated)
  • Hosts can decline your booking request without reason
  • Cancellation terms are often not as flexible as with hotels


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