5 locations to Experience Unforgettable Sunsets in New York

Sunset in New York: Your special moment

I am a huge fan of sunsets – I love the atmosphere and the moment when the sun kisses the horizon and, depending on the weather, the sky turns into a lot of fading colors. New York has amazing sunset, far away from the tourist spots, like the Empire State Building, the huge number of rooftop bars, or the Brooklyn Bridge. Experience total serenity at these pretty city locations that will surely give you the best view of the sun when it hits the horizon, featuring the best parks and beaches and lesser-known sweet spots. You want to know my favorite places? You got it and I’m sure you’ll love them.

1. Sunset Park in Brooklyn

The name speaks for itself. Surrounded by the beautiful neighborhood Park Slope you’ll find the Sunset Park. You’ll be sure to catch one of the best views of the sunset in one of the highest points in Kings County. Subway: D, M, R, N zur 36. St

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2. Take the ferry during sunset

It’s cheap man’s getaway, because the ferry to Long Island is free. Check out what time the sun goes down and hop on one of a ferry just in time to see the sun touches the horizon. Say hello to Miss Liberty and enjoy the amazing view of Manhattans skyline- it’s wonderful. Subway: 1 (red) to South Ferry Station

Statue of Liberty at Sunset


3. Brooklyn Bridge Park

On the bank of East River in Brooklyn beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park offers you a breathtaking moment during sunset. Enjoy the beautiful vista of the Brooklyn Brigde and Manhattan skyline. Subway: 2,3 to Clark Street, or A,C to High Street


Brooklyn Bridge Park at Sunset


4. The High Line

New Yorkers love this greenway. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and it’s probably one of the best places to relax in Manhattan. During sunset it’s the best time to go there to escape from noisy Manhattan. By the way: after sunset, meatpacking district, which is close to the High Line offers a lot of great bars and restaurants to finish the day with a good glass of wine. Subway: C, E to 23St 8Ave 

High Line Park at Sunset
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5. Coney Island

A day trip to Coney Island is worth it, but don’t leave before sunset. Catch some waves during daytime and have some great beachtime and then watch the sun do down on a beach. It’s awesome and very romantic. Subway: D, Q, N, F to Stillwell Avenue

Coney Island at Sunset

Now you want to know, when the sun goes down in New York?  It’s easy to find out on this website. Have some great moments and don’t forget to take your cam with you.

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