July 4th Fireworks in NYC to Take Place Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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4. May 2020
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The July 4th fireworks show in NYC is the largest Independence Day celebration in the country and one of the greatest events of the year in New York. Due to the ban of parades and large events throughout June amid the coronavirus crisis, the firework spectacle seemed unrealistic. But now, there is a reason for hope.

Mayor de Blasio vows to host fireworks

In his daily briefing on April 22nd, Mayor de Blasio announced that Macy’s annual fireworks show will take place. He promised that “one way or another, the show will go on. One way or another we are going to celebrate the 4th of July in a very special way in New York City”.

Just one day prior, it was announced that all parades and large events would be canceled throughout the month of June. These include staples like the annual Pride Mach as well as the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Yet, he guaranteed that “there’s definitely going to be fireworks” despite coronavirus shutdowns in place.

What can we expect?

2020 will mark Macy’s 44th annual fireworks show in NYC. De Blasio ensured that the firework show would take place “in a way that is safe”, indicating that the 4th of July fireworks this year will be different from the annual spectacle that we are used to. It is not clear whether he referred to a smaller fireworks display, a different location, or even a different type of spectacle altogether.

In order for people to enjoy the show without gathering, live streams need to be offered. However, the risk of spectators flocking to see the show can’t be fully eliminated as past events have demonstrated. Large crowds of people gathered to watch the USNS Comfort arrive on March 30th and to watch the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds fly over New York City on April 28th. Social distancing guidelines are often violated during special events.

As of right now, it is impossible to tell what the situation will be in July. As soon as more info is available, we will be sure to share it with you!

Where will the 4th of July fireworks take place?

Last year, the 4th of July fireworks in NYC were set off from barges on the East River and Brooklyn Bridge. The location of this year’s July 4th fireworks has not been announced. Neither the city of New York nor Macy’s has made any details public.

We are patiently waiting for new info to emerge.

Are the 4th of July fireworks in NYC a good idea?

The motive behind the 4th of July fireworks, despite coronavirus setbacks, is to bring joy to the public and provide some normalcy in a world turned upside down. Every year, people get together to celebrate the seminal event in the founding of the country. It promotes a sense of unity that we now need more than ever. Nevertheless, sparks flew over Mayor de Blasio’s vow to have NYC host the fireworks show. His announcement caused controversy as Macy’s furloughed the majority of its workforce while the annual fireworks cost millions of dollars. Both arguments do hold validity and I suspect that there will be impassioned opinions on both sides.

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