1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Located on the border of DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights is 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. The structure itself pays homage to the area’s past and history. This eco-conscious hotel is a destination for many celebrities and artists.

The Decor – 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

The area that the hotel is located in now used to be filled with warehouses and was mainly used for industrial purposes. You can still see some of the warehouses that used to occupy the area. A lot of it has either been torn down or renovated and turned into condominiums and workspaces.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge does an amazing job of utilizing pieces from the past into the building itself. In fact, 55% of the hotel is recycled. The wooden tiles to the large industrial lamps are most likely recycled someway. Even rainwater is collected and used to water the plants that are placed all over the hotel.

The artwork and furniture are even sourced from local artists to show of Brooklyn’s talent. In addition, there are free fruits that are sourced locally available for guests to grab-and-go as they walk in and out of the hotel.

The Rooms

The rooms at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge have stunning views of the Manhattan Skyline, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The rooms match the hotel lobby’s aesthetic with wooden walls and floors, decorated with live plants, and have a nice earthy tone to the living space. All of the rooms come with free filtered water which is amazing. The bathrooms come with free soap and shampoo. In the shower, there is a 5-minute hourglass that you can utilize to remind yourself to save water. Also, there are some rooms that come equipped with a hammock that just stares at the Manhattan skyline.

Every guest will be able to use a comfortable robe to relax after a long day in the city. Here’s a plus as well – you get free socks (insert heart emoji here).

Amenities at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge comes with a bunch of amenities as well. There’s an amazing rooftop with a pool for pool parties during the summer and has an amazing view of the Manhattan Skyline. There is also a lounge that has a very minimalist approach that Beyonce actually rented out one time. They designed the lounge to be very dark so the guests can focus on the view with the floor-to-ceiling windows. There is also a screening space and a gym available (no additional charges).

To learn more about this amazing hotel, please visit their website here.

Availability and Rates

We have great experiences with booking.com which is why we recommend booking through their website. 1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel has great reviews and is in high demand. Don’t wait too long to book it because it sells out pretty quickly.

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